Exterior Home Care


Roofing is our core exterior building activity and due to our size, experience and training we can provide a range of roofing services ranging from some of the largest roofs in the UK to a simple porch roof. This means we can give a building the desirable aesthetics of age-old materials along with the latest proven technological materials for long term performance.



Due to their versatility, render finishes are becoming increasingly popular in exterior building for both new build and refurbishment property projects. Whether you are after a modern finish or the best energy efficient render solution, we can provide a multitude of design choices including solutions to suit a period property restoration project.



Residential cladding solutions can make all the difference to the look of a building and become a central focus for the design. There are several cladding options to choose from depending on the look you would like to achieve and the budget available. When it comes to fire safety, we have first-hand experience in installing industry leading solutions.


We can design, supply and install sustainable green roof systems. Our knowledge of green roof systems sets us apart and allows us to provide technical expertise required to turn your roof into an eco wonderland. One of our projects created using the Kemper liquid system which is a proven reliable watertight roofing solution. was shortlisted for the LRWA Awards.