Typical Residential Cladding Solutions

External cladding solutions can make all the difference to the look of a building and become a central focus for the design. There are several cladding options to choose from depending on the look you would like to achieve and the budget available.

The most common external cladding used for housing is timber, either painted or stained. Different types of wood cladding require a specific application and technique during the paint process. Painting or staining the wood will enhance the look of the property and slow down the weathering process.

Cedral weatherboard provides a longer lasting and low maintenance alternative option to timber cladding. It is painted fibre cement cladding board that comes in 21 different colours applied direct from the factory.

uPVC cladding is also a great choice for those looking to refresh the appearance of their property and it comes in a range of colours, not just white. It’s a modern alternative to wood cladding which is easy to install, low maintenance and weather resistant.

When it comes to fire safe insulation for cladding solutions, we have first-hand experience in installing industry leading solutions. We have used nano insulation that outperforms all other forms of insulation for fire safety, breathability, water proofing and R value, which means it meets current building regulation requirements at just 20mm. This is important for conservation projects where there are restrictions when adding depth to cladding. When changing a thermal element of a building, whether it is concerning the roof, walls or windows, a building control inspection is required, or a contractor can self-certify the work. With our experience, we can advise on the best practise for any type of insulation for the wall, roof or window space.

High End Residential Cladding Solutions

If your project is more of a Grand Design, you may be looking for an architectural cladding solution. A more individual style can be achieved with porcelain cladding, fibre cement or high-pressure laminate.

Porcelain cladding offers a visually stunning solution which simulates the colour and texture of natural stone, slate or terracotta. Porcelain cladding offers extreme environmental durability, high impact resistance and it is easy to maintain. It comes with a choice of over 1,500 colours and it’s versatility means it can be used to complement the natural environment or to create a unique design statement.

Fibre cement cladding can create a lasting design impression with functional reliability. This proven cladding system protects the building structure with rot-resistant panels that are virtually maintenance free. Where safety is a key concern, high pressure laminate is used for fire resistant cladding with a fire classification of A2-s1, d0 in accordance with fire standard EN13501-1. High pressure laminate cladding is made with a heavy-duty reinforced glass fibre mineral non-combustible core with a highly weather resistant surface.

All architectural cladding solutions are installed with insulation to keep the warmth in and reduce heating bills. We will help you to choose the optimal insulation material for your preferred cladding option and install according to industry safety standards and regulations.

Get in touch with us to find out more about the residential cladding options available for your building project.