In addition to a number of small exterior jobs around this period house that needed to be replaced or fixed in a way that respected the age and character of the property, the house also needed a new roof which also needed to be in keeping with the design of the house.

The windows were replaced perfectly in keeping with the style of the house. The guttering was also replaced with aluminium guttering, created to look like cast iron from a longer lasting material.  Our roofers used lime mortar to repoint the chimneys to ensure it was in keeping with the age of the house.  In replacing the roof, we were careful to make sure it looked understated yet as immaculately finished as any modern roof we fit.

“EHC had been recommended personally to us. Realising that the time had come to for a new roof, Oliver discussed clearly and concisely our options, and guide costs. Given the scale of the project, his estimates were pretty well spot on. The quality of and personal pride in the work carried out by all his team has been exceptional. Any suppliers (eg scaffolders, plasterer) have matched the high standards Oliver sets. As a result, we have been happy to recommend EHC and, unusually for us, to post a review.”

Keith, Kent