slate roof restoration

This traditional old roof needed slate roof restoration in a way that was sympathetic to the age and style of the building.  A problem arose when we discovered that the rafters were too narrow to accommodate the amount of insulation required by modern energy efficiency regulations.  We needed to raise the roof. This presented the problem of creating adequate ventilation as the original roof had a mortared ridge and we would normally use vented tiles when carrying out slate roof restoration to solve this issue.

Noting that this solution would not be in keeping with the period of the property, we replaced the lead work and replaced the guttering with aluminium guttering which is designed to look like cast iron and is longer lasting.  As we encountered the problem of venting a raised roof with a mortared ridge without being able to use vented tiles, we dry fixed the top of the roof rather than mortaring it. This kept the roof in the style of the original design, whilst providing the insulation needed to meet modern standards and provide sufficient ventilation.

“We moved into a listed building in 2016 knowing it would need a lot of work. As a result we have dealt with a lot of tradespeople and the team at Exterior Homecare have been hands down our favourite. Oliver and team are knowledgeable, reliable and honest. From the first visit we felt at ease and trusted that the work was in safe hands. Oliver was on hand to answer any questions needed for the planning documents and choreographed a large and fairly complicated job. The team are friendly and polite and a pleasure to have around. Highly recommended.”

Sarah, Kent