This modern style extension had an old-style clay roof.  The roof tiles Richard had chosen for the project were the standard fibre cement slate tiles normally used in projects where cost is more important that aesthetics. Not only were we required to make very standard tiles look modern and fashionable, but the rafters also holding up the roof were narrow so fitting in the correct amount of insulation to meet regulations was a challenge.

We found that dry fixing the tiles made the whole slate roof look far more appealing and suited the modern style of the extension.  The insulation issue wasn’t as easy to solve as, to create the required amount of air gap, we had to raise the whole roof up.  We used hybrid insulation consisting of multifoil and rigid PIR to save as much space as possible so only had to raise the roof a small amount.  However, even raising the roof this small amount meant that none of the standard edgings would fit so we imported a specially made edging which fitted perfectly.

Richard had originally intended to demolish the garage and rebuilding it. As an alternative to rebuilding the garage, we fitted a steel skeleton over it and built over this with materials that matched that house.  This solution was far quicker and less expensive.

“The time had come to replace our roof to the main house and in turn update its appearance to better match our modern extension. Exterior Homecare understood the brief well and their knowledge of various roofing materials coupled with their attention to detail provided a first class product that exceeded expectations. Once the roof was completed we asked Exterior Homecare to update our car garage and garden room to also better match the main house and extension. Again their innovative approach resulted in a finished product that met the brief perfectly and as a bonus was a significant savings over a traditional demolish and rebuild. I would not hesitate to recommend Exterior Homecare.”

Richard, Surrey